Centralized Master Control and News Production for Television and Radio

Who we are

Media Gateway started in 2012 as a new centralized master control and distribution hub, in an all digital plant.  For most of our customers, the entire process is completely digital.  This saves money on equipment, and strengthens the quality throughout the entire process.  All of these enhancements and cost savings we pass on to every customer.  The building was remodeled from a former a centralized master control and Satellite Uplink facility to a new all digital core.  Gateway has multiple Fiber connections to Tier 1 providers and full UPS and Generator backup. We engineer solutions that are unique to every customers needs and budget

Independent News Network started in 1999 in Davenport, Iowa. INN was specifically designed for Fox affiliates to have a low cost, high quality newscast.  Since its inception, INN has met the challenges of broadcasters to produce a quality local newscast at a fraction of what they could do it for themselves.  INN works with local reporters and producers to create a full newscast with local and regional news, weather and sports.  This program is then fed to the station live or on a short delay basis 7 days a week.  INN was purchased by the Gateway in 2014, and relocated to the Arkansas facility.  We currently serve local affiliate  ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC stations plus independent television stations with our national INN News program.