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    IP Distribution


Gateway and its founders have been the leaders in IP distribution for 15 years. We know IP.

Broadcast Services

Cutting Costs? No problem.

We know operating a broadcast station and maintaining profits is more challenging than ever. The Media Gateway offers stations a way to reduce their master control and operations costs by over two-thirds. By using The Media Gateway's centralized facility, stations no longer have to worry about making sure their technology, hardware and software is current, and scheduling staff is no longer an issue. It is all handled by us. We deliver on our proven methods for Television and Radio channel origination, local news production and IP distribution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our facilities are already used by affiliates for ABC, NBC, Fox and My Network. Let our professionals help you cut costs and reduce the stress in your broadcast operation.  We are here to help!

Centralized Master Control and News Production for Television and Radio


 TV Master Control


Simply put, we take over the headache of Television Master Control & playout through our central facility in Arkansas.

Radio Master Control


Complete Radio channel origination using state of the art automation and live production for Radio Networks and the Web.
  • Distribution via IP
  • multi format encoding & Streaming
  • Live Multi studio production

TV News Production


Local News is typically the single largest cost in any Television Station. We can dramatically cut your costs and keep quality high  .